Know your Land size

Know your Land size

In Kenya we use two measurement standards to measure land size – the imperial (feet; acres) and the metric (meters; hectares). Kenyan surveyors do their work in the metric standard and this is why your title deed will indicate the size in hectares (ha).

The regular eighth of an acre is actually surveyed as 15m by 30m. This makes it exactly 0.045ha. If you convert this to feet, you will get 49ft, 2.55in by 98ft,5.1in. Clearly, ’50×100′ is an approximation. Having stated that, given the dimensions in feet e.g 50 by 100, always divide by 10 then multiply by 3 to know the size in meters.  i.e  50 feet =(50/10)*3 = 5*3 = 15 meters.
If given the size in meters, always multiply by 10 then divide by 3 to determine the size in feet e.g 15 meters= (15*10)/3 = 150/3 = 50 feet
For a rectangular plot, 50 by 100 refers to 50 feet by 100 feet which is equivalent to 15 meters by 30 meters and is also equal to 450 square meters also referred to as 1/8 of an acre.

An acre will therefore give you 8 such plots with no access road. The key thing is to get subdivisions/mutation that will be approved by the Lands Offices  and for that to happen, you get 7 (seven) 100ft by 50 ft plots in an acre, some portions of the acre goes towards the roads. 8 subdivisions will only be possible if the acre is bisected by roads such that you will not need to create new access roads.

The plot may not be rectangular, thus always take measurements and calculate the surface area of the plot irrespective of the shape of the plot, measuring to approximately 450 square meters (0.045ha).

Plot sizes

Feet Acreage Hectare
50×100 1/8 acre 0.045ha
100×100 ¼ acre 0.1011ha
200×100 ½ acre 0.2023ha
200×200 1 acre 0.4047ha


1 Hectare=10,000 square meters and 2.5 acres make a hectare.

Hence when buying land, visit the place, take a tape measure and determine the surface area in Square meters then divide by 10,000 to know whether what is indicated on the title deed is correct with what’s on ground(Usually appears in Ha.).

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Understanding the land buying process




Land is valuable. Its value and importance makes it a very sensitive asset to acquire. This being the case, you should be careful and take all the necessary steps to ensure that you get a good and legitimate deal. Below is a summary of the basic steps to take before you become a land owner.

Identify the land

People use different features in identifying the land they intend to purchase. These include the location, price, topography and population among others.

Conduct a search at the lands registry

After identification, one should conduct a search to prove the legitimacy of the land and also to know the real owner(s). At this stage, you will need a copy of the title deed from the seller.

Conduct a second search at the county office

The county office search gives details on the rates and whether the payments are up to date.

Get two land maps (for the specific plot, for the whole area)

Each of these maps cost 300 Ksh. They can be obtained from a surveyor or in the Ministry of Lands. The difference between the two maps is that one of them is drawn to scale for the specific piece of land while the other is an area map.

Site visit/ verification of the land

At this stage you will need to visit the land. You should be accompanied by the owner/ seller and preferably a surveyor.

Sale agreement

If satisfied, you should sign a sales agreement. If possible, you should have a lawyer. The sales agreement should include all the details of the land.

Clearance by the Land Control Board

This board is made up of county commissioners and village elders. The purpose of this board is to ensure that there will be no dispute between the family of the seller and the buyer after the sale of the land.


At this point the payments ought to have been made. The new owner should carry all the clearance certificates, KRA pin certificate and passport photos. This process of getting a new title costs 5,000 Ksh and should take two weeks.


The stamping should be done after the government has valued the land. The value of the land may not be the buying price. The value dictates the stamp duty. The stamp duty also varies depending on the location of the land i.e. urban or rural area.

When dealing with a real estate company like us this process is shorter because all the necessary documents have been acquired for you.

What to do When You Lose a Tittle Deed

What to do When You Lose a Tittle Deed

You may have lost documents including your original tittle deeds and you may have spent sleepless nights over the loss. Your worry is that someone may transfer the tittle to his or her name before selling it off to unsuspecting third parties. You also imagine that a fraudster may fake your national identity card and use it with the tittle deed to apply for a bank loan.

There are legal steps that you can take to protect your legal ownership or get a duplicate tittle deed from lands ministry:

As a starting point, it is important to report the loss to the nearest police station and obtain a police abstract.

However, it would be easier to seek the services of a dully registered lawyer who will move fast to protect your property from illegal transactions by placing a caveat/caution at the ministry of Lands.

The caveat is to ensure that any fraudster who may come across the lost documents cannot undertake transactions of the property.

The lawyer will also assist in several other processes including filing required legal documents like a statutory declaration before presenting to the registrar.

The declaration Forms, which detail how the documents were lost or destroyed, must be completed by the registered plot owner (You).

If the registrar is satisfied with the evidence proving the loss of the original documents, he or she will publish your name in the Kenya Gazette.

Your name will also be published in two mainstream newspapers with national circulation before you are issued with duplicate tittle deeds or certificates of lease after 60 days.

It is worth repeating that no magic is required to prove loss of a tittle deed or certificate of lease other than reporting to the police and acquiring an abstract.

The other details to be included in the affidavit or a statutory declaration detailing when the document was lost would be the circumstances, searches and efforts made to find them. A fee is paid to the government printer for publishing the notice of the loss in the Kenya Gazette.

And in cases where a lost tittle deed or certificate of lease is found, it should be delivered to the registrar for cancellation.

However, the registrar also has powers to reinstate any lost or destroyed document in the land registrar after making inquiries and issue a 60 day notice in the Kenya Gazette.

Written by Harold-Ayodo

Investment Planning for Young Adults

Investment Planning for Young Adults

While most of us think of investments as a late 20s decision, financial experts are of the opinion that making early investment will ease the load on your pocket in the long term.

You have just started earning and want to enjoy the newly found financial freedom. The word ‘Investment’ not only sounds like a responsibility that you are not ready for, also, it might be something that you have not much knowledge about. Retirement may seem ages away at this point of time. In addition, the array investment options might just confuse you. While it is difficult to save when you are in your 20s, it is undoubtedly the best time to get started.

As you grow up, you realize that financial priorities are gradually changing and the kind of dispensable income you had earlier is suddenly becoming less. This imbalance in life goals can be taken care of through early investing habits.

The earlier you begin, the greater the potential Return On Investment. The saying “the early bird gets the worm,” certainly applies to investing as well. There are numerous benefits to starting early. The first and foremost being that time is on your side. You have a longer period to save and invest than those who have late realizations.

To start with, understand the investment options, the amount you are comfortable setting aside and the purpose of this investment. Advanced technology and immense competition have made it possible for a 21 year old fresh graduate in the city to draw a six digit monthly salary. Yet, he has absolutely no clue of what to do with this kind of money. Chances are he will think of buying a car or a house and then either he will follow his peers or he will just let the amount be in his bank account. The word is ‘Inflation’ and you need to know about it.

All investment options vary in their returns for a reason. Find out about it. Research about the downside and risk associated with each one them. Eventually, the financial markets of the world will mature and your investment will multiply in number.

However, below mentioned are the most common modes that may build up your portfolio.

  • Fixed Deposits: Banks provide this financial instrument which fetches the investor guaranteed higher return than a savings account could.
  • Mutual Funds: Mutual funds can invest in stocks, bonds, cash and/or other assets. These combine to form one mutual fund, also called a portfolio which is professionally managed.
  • Stock market: The volatile market that allows people to trade shares of publicly held companies. It allows the general public to benefit from the financial accomplishments of the companies whose shares they hold.
  • Bonds: A debt investment in which money is lent to a corporate or government on which interest is received.
  • Real Estate: People are generally of the opinion that investment in real estate comes with a heavy investment amount. This is really not the case anymore. With models like Land & Equity you can invest with an amount as low as Ksh 10,000. As population is growing on land which is becoming scarce, the price of land will always appreciate.

Do not hold back from investing because you do not have enough, simply start with making small investments and give them time to mature, as the saying goes “haba na haba hujaza kibaba”. However, do not jump into making a choice. Figure out the purpose for your investment, the returns and the time period you expect.

Invest now, thank yourself later.

Written by @Invest_Lunkad

Celebrating Seven Years of Cretum Properties Limited

Celebrating Seven Years of Cretum Properties Limited

We Cretum Properties Family take this opportunity to thank God and personally thank you for your continued support. As we celebrate 7 years of business, we would not have achieved this milestone without you. We take this occasion to recognize your faith and trust in us. You have played a major role in shaping this great organization that we have become and for this we appreciate.

What started as a small organization back in 2011 has grown into leaps and bounds to what it is today and for this, we are forever indebted to you. The journey has not been without challenges such including infrastructure delays, title processing hitches, hard economic times especially in 2016 and failure on our side to meet the deadlines. During all this hard times you believed in us and waited patiently for the titles and other services. We highly commend you for that.

Our team has also evolved with time to high professionalism and expertise to ensure you are served well. We are also privileged to have gotten an opportunity to partner with various cooperatives movements who in a big way have bridged the finance gap. With this, we will continue to offer you better services efficiently and effectively.

The journey has just begun. We have a lot more in store for you and we plan to keep our business and relation growing with you and continue providing you nothing less than the best. With your support, we wish to explore new heights this year. It means the world to us. You mean the world to us.

New Kinanie Project

New Kinanie Project

This is an upcoming project from Cretum Properties ltd located in Kinanie – Athi river area just 8 km from Mombasa road. The land is subdivided into parcels of 50 by 100 ft.

The land is neighboring house developments and people are settling in nearby thus making it ideal for building a home. This parcel of land is just 2 km from Kinanie center. Neighboring our project is Athi holiday INN hotel 1.5 km away. There is also Kinanie Model Health Center 1 km away and schools are nearby the project, like Kinanie primary and secondary school in Kinanie center.

Water and Electricity are within the vicinity. Come now and grab a piece of this magnificent prime project. Don,t be left out.

Strategic Land Investment

Strategic Land Investment

Strategic Land investment is basically buying a piece of land in the path of growth, holding it for a period of time and selling it at an appreciated value. When considering to do a strategic Land investment there are key points you must consider.

  • Location of the Land
  • How Much you are putting into the Investment
  • How Long you will hold the investment
  • How much returns you expect back
  • What are the risks involved

Well, there is Only one partner I know, who will answer all these questions and spot very Lucrative Investments for its investors; Cretum Properties Limited.

If you are an Investor, who is looking to spot the most lucrative and low risk investment,  comment down here with your contacts and you shall be contacted and taken through every step of your investment. or contact us through email: [email protected] because at Cretum Properties Limited, that is what we do, we don’t wait to buy land, we buy land and wait because we believe that “The Best Investment on Earth is Earth”.

Written by @IreneSoti.

Reason to keep in touch with your property  dealer

Reason to keep in touch with your property dealer

Most people either don’t have a permanent real estate agent or only consult them when looking to sell, buy or rent a property. Some choose an online broker website that gives them false idea that they are dealing directly with the other party. Here are some few reasons to keep in touch with your property dealer:-

  • Properties are no longer a safe bet. even though they are not as volatile as the stocks, property prices may quickly rise be stable or fall depending on rate of urbanization especially in developing cities.
  • Property dealers much like us, value loyalty in there customers. when an old or frequent clients puts in a request, they are bond to be given preference over others.
  • Your dealer has contacts. this is especially helpful when you’re new in town or in buying plots and want a property there, just consult your agent and they will advice you on who is a scam a whose legit.
Upcoming New Project In Nyahururu

Upcoming New Project In Nyahururu

This is the latest amazing upcoming project from Cretum properties Ltd. This are prime plots of size 50 by 100 in size at the heart of Nyandarua county going at the price of Ksh. 160,000/= inclusive of free hold titles. The land is located 5kms along Olkalau – Nyahururu road at Oljororok next to Prima Rosa flowers. There is water and electricity in the vicinity which will assure the land will appreciate in price and you don’t have to pay additional money for titles. Come now and grab a piece of this privileged prime project.

Upcoming new Project in Ndovoini

This is a new upcoming project from Cretum Properties Limited. It is approximately 13km from off Kangondo road Near Joska. This are commercial plots of size 40 by 80 at the heart of Ndovoini shopping center. The land is sandwiched between Ndoboini center hospital, shops and residential homes. there is adequate supply of water from Bore holes.This venture is accessible through all weather roads. Come now and grab a piece of this privileged prime project. Enjoy our amazing offer of Kshs.300,000/= per plot