Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a CSR program dubbed Girl Child Initiative under CPL family that seeks to assist marginalized students to get sanitary towels and provide sporting equipment to help them stay in school and better their formative education life.

We target mixed, day, public secondary schools as those are the most marginalized. There are five ways we can all assist in;

  1. Clothing for all ages as the students also have needy parents, siblings and relatives who also could use the donations.
  2. Shoes of all sizes.
  3. Balls and sporting equipment, the more they have something to do in school the more they get motivated to study and pursue their interests in education.
  4. Books of all levels in education, as reading improves their grammar and encourages them to speak fluently in English and Swahili.
  5. Financially, for 500/= you support a girl for an entire year in school through provision of sanitary towels. This will purchase a pack of 48 pads and 4 panties which are kept with the school to distribute accordingly.

We appreciate if you can assist in all, some or one of the ways listed above.