In Kenya we use two measurement standards to measure land size – the imperial (feet; acres) and the metric (meters; hectares). Kenyan surveyors do their work in the metric standard and this is why your title deed will indicate the size in hectares (ha).

The regular eighth of an acre is actually surveyed as 15m by 30m. This makes it exactly 0.045ha. If you convert this to feet, you will get 49ft, 2.55in by 98ft,5.1in. Clearly, ’50×100′ is an approximation. Having stated that, given the dimensions in feet e.g 50 by 100, always divide by 10 then multiply by 3 to know the size in meters.  i.e  50 feet =(50/10)*3 = 5*3 = 15 meters.
If given the size in meters, always multiply by 10 then divide by 3 to determine the size in feet e.g 15 meters= (15*10)/3 = 150/3 = 50 feet
For a rectangular plot, 50 by 100 refers to 50 feet by 100 feet which is equivalent to 15 meters by 30 meters and is also equal to 450 square meters also referred to as 1/8 of an acre.

An acre will therefore give you 8 such plots with no access road. The key thing is to get subdivisions/mutation that will be approved by the Lands Offices  and for that to happen, you get 7 (seven) 100ft by 50 ft plots in an acre, some portions of the acre goes towards the roads. 8 subdivisions will only be possible if the acre is bisected by roads such that you will not need to create new access roads.

The plot may not be rectangular, thus always take measurements and calculate the surface area of the plot irrespective of the shape of the plot, measuring to approximately 450 square meters (0.045ha).

Plot sizes

Feet Acreage Hectare
50×100 1/8 acre 0.045ha
100×100 ¼ acre 0.1011ha
200×100 ½ acre 0.2023ha
200×200 1 acre 0.4047ha


1 Hectare=10,000 square meters and 2.5 acres make a hectare.

Hence when buying land, visit the place, take a tape measure and determine the surface area in Square meters then divide by 10,000 to know whether what is indicated on the title deed is correct with what’s on ground(Usually appears in Ha.).

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